Fast & Accurate Insights From Unstructured Data

10 Reasons Why Accern NoCodeNLP


No Code. No Complexity.

With Data Science talent increasingly difficult to find, empower your business experts and citizen data scientists – no coding, no data science background needed to use Accern.


Pre-assembled Data Sources

Avoid delayed projects, waiting for procurement – simply click to select popular data sets pre-assembled within the Accern Platform.


Pre-built Taxonomies

Use our taxonomy catalog of over 60,000 companies, 250 events / themes / topics purpose built for financial services so that you enjoy 96.5% accuracy.


Accelerate ROI

Enhance predictive models by structuring unstructured data. Enable data science teams to have complete control, customize end to end workflows – no closed systems, just mix and match to fit your needs.


Reduce Risk

85% of Data Science projects fail. DIY NLP projects
often take 1 year and $1Million+. Use Accern to
quickly and cost-effectively discover workflows and models that work.


Lower Cost

Accern Name Entity Recognition (NER) with
Taxonomies is more efficient than NER with only
Deep Learning models. Accern models run faster
and use fewer compute resources.

NER with Taxonomies is easier, faster and cheaper

No need for large volumes of training data – Just start by adding keywords

Easy to customize, maintain
– just continue to add and
refine keywords
Faster and cheaper than
Deep Learning based

NER with Deep Learning
is difficult and costly

Requires a training data set that may not be available or easy to acquire
Deep Learning cloud infrastructure is expensive to operate, takes more time and money
Difficult to keep updated and continue to maintain

Because the Accern NoCodeNLP Platform is a plug and play solution, we did not spend cycles on integrating our data sources, dashboards, and business applications. Accern took care of it all.

Head of Data Center, Major Insurance Provider


Lower Costs even more

Our taxonomies have been curated, updated and continuously maintained over 5+ years with more than 1,000,000 rows of training data. Reduce your costs even more – let us update and maintain 100,000 labels including 60,000 companies out-of-the-box with related people, products, locations, and more using our:

a) Core Taxonomy Model – extracts and links entities
b) Spam Detector Model – removes false positives
c) Verification Model – assesses context to confirm true positives


Better Explainability

Keywords and associated rules are easy to see
and modify, making NER models with
Taxonomies easy to understand.


Tune & Train

Need a custom taxonomy? Upload keywords and
let our AI help with more suggestions. Need
custom context for even higher accuracy?
Upload training data so we can further increase
accuracy for you.


Dedicated to Your Success

We love our work and we love seeing you see
results. We do everything in our power to make sure
you become the Hero of your Story.

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