Add AI / ML / NLP Solutions to Your Portfolio

A simple, scalable and profitable partnering opportunity

in the fast growing, high demand AI / ML / NLP sector.

Grow your business and deepen your customer engagements by adding NLP solutions to your portfolio of solutions.

Accelerate sales; use the Accern NoCodeNLP Platform to go from unstructured data to accurate insights in weeks, not months.

Improve ETL process efficiencies; structure unstructured data and tag documents more quickly and easily.

Increase margins; empower business experts, not just scarce data scientists to extract insights.

What you Need, When you Need it.


Empower Sales to identify compelling NLP use cases
and use our proven process to close deals.


Work with us to design thought leadership content
and joint marketing programs.

Training & Support

We provide in-depth sales and technical training
and dedicated Customer Success support.

Deal Registration

Avoid conflict, secure your deal with our quick deal
registration process.

Data Technology and Consulting Partners

“Leading NoCode NLP Platform”

“AI Breakthroughs”

“Multi-Level, Multi-
Language NLP”

What Our Partners Say

Together, we can provide the financial services industry with AI-powered consulting services coupled with an integration platform that accelerates development and scaling of AI across the sector. This will ultimately generate a competitive edge for early adopters of AI and solve critical challenges that they face each day.

Daniela Rothley, Consulting Partner, LPA

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