Accern NoCodeNLP Platform

4 Steps to Powerful Insights:
Connect, Categorize, Analyze, Deliver

Structure Unstructured Data

Leverage AI without coding and use the powerful Accern no-code AI platform to transform text into quantifiable values and insights. 


Predictive Models

BI Dashboards


4 Steps to
Powerful Insights

Deploy end-to-end workflows; simply select pre-assembled data sources, pre-built taxonomies, pre-trained Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models and pre-integrated dashboards, DSML platforms and data warehouses.

Alternatively, mix and match; create custom ML / NLP workflows – Bring Your Own (BYO) data, taxonomies, models.

Accern NoCodeNLP Platform


Pre-assemble Data Sources


Pre-built Taxonomies


Pre-trained NLP Models


Pre-integrated Dashboards

Data Sources

Use pre-assembled data sources with over 10 years of historical data and millions of new posts, upload files or use pre-built connectors to bring your own data subscriptions or internal documents.

Dashboards & Connectors

View your insights within pre-integrated dashboards or use connectors to send insights to existing file storage systems, databases and data warehouses, enhance internal applications or existing AI models and workflows.

Amazon Redshift
Google Drive
Google BigQuery

Bring Your Own Components & Customize Workflows

Using the Accern no-code AI platform meant that we did not have to invest years and millions of dollars to create a taxonomy of over 10 million keywords related to companies, people, places, events and more…

Sr Data Scientist, Major Hedge Fund

Extensive Pre-Built NLP Taxonomies

Accern Auto-NLP Taxonomy Frametowork

  • 60K Entities available out-of-the-box + BYO equities, commodities, exchanges…
  • 250 Events – topics or themes related to ESG issues, pandemic, macro economic, credit risk,
    M&A, speculation…
  • Continuously updated with
    augmented AI / ML
  • Tune or BYO, upload your
    own taxonomies

The Most Accurate
Pre-Trained NLP Models

Accern SharpNLP Model Repository™

  • Classifiers (Entity, Event, Document)
  • Extractors (Entity / Event Hits, Metadata)
  • Enrichments (OpenFigi, Ticker, Exchange Code, Identifiers…)
  • 1 Million+ rows of training data
  • 100k labels hand curated by domain experts 5 years of continuous updates
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Relevance Analysis
  • Translation Models
  • Extraction Summarization Models
  • + BYO Models

Accern Accuracy Scores From
Carnegie Mellon & NYU Research


Theme Classification


Entity Extraction


Doc Classification

Accern No-Code NLP Performs Best!

Accern Ranks at the Top!


Azure Text Analytics


AWS Comprehend


Google cloud NL


Transparent & Explainable NLP Models

With easy to see and modify keywords and associated rules,
Accern Named Entity Resolution (NER) models using taxonomies
are transparent and easy to understand.

Quick & Continuous
NLP Model Retraining

Accern AdaptiveNLP Framework™

  • Continuous re-training, no batching required
  • Quick tuning, not from scratch
  • Stream data processing
  • Multi-level & Multi-language (108)

Maximum Utilization &
Minimized Spend

Accern SmartNLP Scaling Framework™

  • High Utilization auto-scaling
  • Know before you Deploy – view pre-calculated consumption & costs
  • Public / Private / Hybrid Cloud

Future Proof Your NLP Infrastructure

Accern Solutions

Accern SharpNLP Model Repository

Data Sources

Accern AutoNLP
Taxonomy Framework

Accern AdaptiveNLP

Accern SmartNLP
Scaling Framework




Data Connectors






Accern NoCodeNLP Platform

“Leading NoCode NLP Platform”

“AI Breakthroughs”

“Multi-Level, Multi-
Language NLP”

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