NLP in Insurance

Understand your Customers,
Fuel Product Innovation and Increase ROI

Fuel Product Innovation. Increase Customer Satisfaction. Grow Revenue.

Product Managers

Customer Experience

Call Center Operations

Structure Unstructured Data
with powerful AI / ML / NLP workflows

Understand your

Spot Call Trends - cancellations, complaints, opportunities for retention or expansion etc.

Know why the Customer Service process is not working and how it can be improved.

Understand emerging customer needs or what should be prioritized.

Reduce Call Volumes / Call Center Costs,
Avoid Wrongful Denials & Increase Customer Loyalty

Reduce time and errors in underwriting insurance policies with AI / ML / NLP applications; auto-extract key elements – names, dates, locations, loss details from applications / policies to assess risk.

Reduce time and costs of claims processing; automate tedious and time-consuming manual tasks with AI powered claims processing. Replace subjective, error prone and costly processes using NLP to examine claim filings, policy documents, adjustor notes, emails etc in minutes.

Understand customer feedback using NLP to quickly identify high severity and high frequency issues and what customers appreciate. Reduce negative reviews and reputation damage due to wrongful denials.

Streamline and automate customer support workflows; use AI / ML / NLP to route support tickets so they can be handled by the right departments – adjusters, finance, sales etc.

Detect fraud in insurance claims forms and call transcripts.
Use NLP taxonomy to isolate key phrases and words.

Leverage chatbots to handle FAQs, reducing the load on service reps and freeing them up to handle more complex issues.

Discover New Products

Mine customer emails and call center transcripts to discover new product offerings, e.g. uninsured / underinsured segments, optimal geos, distribution channels.

Uncover Customer Insights with Accern NoCodeNLP Platform

Reduce Churn and Increase Revenue


No Code


No procuring data sources


No building taxonomies


No training NLP models


No complexity


BYO & customize workflows

The Accern NoCodeNLP Platform has reduced claims by 60% in our call center. What used to take our analysts hours of listening to call recordings each day is now replaced by Accern-fueled sentiment analysis of high priority calls for immediate action.

Head of Large Claims, Major US Insurance Company

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