NLP for ESG Investing

Screen Equities and monitor ESG behaviors for maximum Fund Performance

Hedge Funds

Private Equity

Venture Capital

Corporate Finance

Maximize Fund Performance with ESG Signals.
Screen equities and monitor ESG behaviors that predict
better operations, higher customer loyalty and lower compliance risks.

Extract fast and
accurate insights from
vast amounts
of text data

Stay ahead of the
rapidly changing

Automate workflows
so analysts can focus
on more complex

Uncover Trending Topics

ESG Controversies
Uighur Controversy
Employee Discontent

Racial Injustice
Plastic Waste

ESG Frameworks
Mining Incidents
Social & Health

Get Past Data Difficulties

Stale Data

ESG Reports are about what
has happened in the past,
not what is happening

Inaccurate Data

42% companies are
greenwashing (European
Commission), posing a
reputation risk

Inconsistent Data

Lack of regulations
/ reporting standards means
ratings agencies cannot
accurately score ESG


Monitor Signals from Alternative Data

Structure unstructured data contained in
news, blogs, company reports and other

Tap into real-time public news and blogs to quickly uncover reputation risks for portfolio companies and identify new opportunities for investing

Detect ESG Greenwashing for portfolio companies and spot new opportunities

Corporate ESG

Assess ESG Posture
using Internal Data

Structure unstructured data contained in company documents and other internal communications

Improve your ESG Reporting and avoid Greenwashing. Avoid reputation damage, know what others are saying about your ESG posture before investors or customers call you out

Leverage more accurate ESG data to authentically promote your brand, improve operations, innovate new products and services

Accern Tracks 26 ESG Sustainability Issues
for over 60,000 Companies


  • Air Quality
  • Energy Management
  • Fuel Management
  • GHG Emissions
  • Environmental Impacts of Products
  • Lifecycle Impacts of Products
  • Material Sourcing
  • Product Packaging
  • Product Quality & Safety
  • Supply Chain Management


  • Employee Health, Safety and Wellbeing
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Fair Labor Practices
  • Labor Relations
  • Recruitment, Develop and Retention
  • Data Security & Customer Privacy
  • Fair Disclosure & Labeling
  • Fair Marketing & Advertising
  • Social Impacts on Operations
  • Human Rights & Community


  • Accident & Safety Management
  • Systemic Risk Management
  • Business Ethics & Transparent Payments
  • Competitive Behavior
  • Regulatory Capture & Political Influence

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Screen Equities & Monitor ESG Behaviors for Maximum Fund Performance

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Ever growing pressure from regulators, investors, and customers demands that banks incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) into their commercial decision making. Being able to move fast and deploy pre-trained Accern models right away was so exciting because it helped us solve the complex problem of seamlessly incorporating ESG data into our commercial decisioning process.

Head of Investments, Global Financial Institution

Uncover ESG Behaviors Accurately with Accern NoCodeNLP Platform

Identify and quantify a company’s ESG posture


No Code


No procuring data sources


No building taxonomies


No training NLP models


No complexity


BYO & customize workflows

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