NLP for Data Teams

Two weeks to ROI with
Pre-Built NLP Applications

Accelerate Innovation, Enhance AI / ML Models,
Augment BI Dashboards, Enrich Products…

Head of Innovation

Solutions Architect

Data Scientist

Data Operations

…with insights extracted from the 80% of enterprise data contained in web pages, blogs, emails, documents, reports, transcripts, tickets and more.

Is your Data Team keeping up with escalating demands
for AI / ML / NLP fueled solutions?

Are you having trouble finding training data, using text annotation tools or having to manually label data?
Are you struggling to build taxonomies?

Looking for an alternative to expensive, compute intensive Deep Learning based models?

How long did it take to discover that an NLP model did not work?

Accern NoCodeNLP Platform

2 Weeks to ROI with Pre-Built NLP Solutions

4 Weeks to ROI with Pre-Trained NLP Models

Structure unstructured text data

  • Deliver insights into pre-integrated BI Dashboards, Data Warehouses and DSML platforms and enhance predictive models, enrich products and optimize workflows.
  • Deliver quick value by simply customizing Accern workflows with BYO data, taxonomies or models tailored to your needs.

Smart Extraction

Extract KPIs from news, blogs, documents, transcripts, reports… and feed / plug into excel models, backtesting engines, AI / ML predictive models for more accurate insights.

Smart Search

categorize and tag documents that are then ingested into elasticsearch, CMS or other enterprise applications for easier search and filtering.

Smart Alerts

generate real time notifications when important events happen and deliver them via email, text messages, chat messages, browser alerts or integrate them into enterprise apps like excel, slack and

Accern Accuracy Scores From
Carnegie Mellon & NYU Research


Theme Classification


Entity Extraction


Doc Classification

Accern Ranks at the Top!

Accern Ranks at the Top!


Azure Text Analytics


AWS Comprehend


Google cloud NL


Transparent & Explainable NLP Models

With easy to see and modify keywords and associated rules, Accern Name Entity Resolution (NER)
models using taxonomies are transparent and easy to understand.

Enhance AI Models – Quantify Unstructured Data

Signal Counts & Sentiment Scores by Entity

2 Weeks to ROI with Pre-Built NLP Applications

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