Unstructured Data Sources

Pre-Assembled. Your Subscriptions. Your Data.

Fast and Easy insights from Unstructured Text

Use pre-assembled data sources, Bring Your Own Subscriptions or Bring Your Own Data by simply uploading files or connecting Accern to your database or data warehouse.

Data Sources

We have pre-assembled – procured, cleansed, normalized and integrated – a number of data sources so you don’t have to. Tap into over 10 years on historical data as well as millions of new articles posted every day. Listen to conversations and commentary happening across the world on 50,000 plus news sites, hundreds of millions of blog posts, millions of community message boards, 200+ consumer review sites and fast growing video hosting platforms


Bring Your Own Subscriptions

Be in the know with insights from economic and financial news and trends, broadcast news transcripts, SEC 10K and 10Q filings, earnings call transcripts, equity research and regulatory news.

Bring Your Own subscriptions; we can set up your account so that you can tap into these sources too!  



Dow Jones

Bring Your Own / Upload Files

Simply upload local files to extract insights from different documents – reports, emails, call transcripts, OCR output files, claims, support tickets, customer surveys and more

Bring Your Own / Use API

Connect to in-house databases and data warehouses or work with us to ingest HTML, XLS and other documents via an API. 

Google big query

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