NLP in Commercial Banks

Monitor Macro and Micro Trends to Uncover Credit, Liquidity, Lending Risk

Reduce Risk & Optimize Lending Decisions

Become more competitive by leveraging AI in banking.
Implement NLP applications that reduce credit risk, liquidity risk and lending risk.

Credit Risk

Liquidity Risk

Lending Risk

Maximize growth opportunities

Improve customer experience and identify new lending products with insights from unstructured text data. Tap into customer communications, internal company documents, plus external data sources and alternative data, such as SEC Filings, earning calls transcripts, analyst commentary, global events, regulatory and legal documents, and ESG factors.

AI Solutions for Banking

Monitor macro and micro trends within FinTech and stay on top of new regulations

Improve Investment Evaluation – Identify untapped investment opportunities and monitor existing investments

Leverage alternative data to monitor companies and identify early warning credit risk signals

Analyze SEC Filings for various KPIs under Compliance, Risk, Financials and more. Understand a company’s exposure to ESG practices for risk management.

Identify Innovative New Products and Offers – mine customer communications in emails, texts, and call transcripts to understand customer needs today and identify trends for the future

Automate manual workflows such as credit lending decisions, loan underwriting and application processing to free up employees to do more value-add work.

Track Risk Signals, Conduct Due Diligence, and Monitor Companies

Data Sources

  • News / Blogs / SEC Filings
  • Subscription Sources
  • Dow Jones News
  • + BYO Sources
  • Analyst Ratings
  • Factset / Earnings Call Transcripts
  • Moody’s NewsEdge
  • Morningstar
  • MSCI / ESG Ratings
  • Internal Company Documents


  • 20,000 U.S. Equities
  • 30,000 International Equities
  • + BYO Entities
  • 65 Commodities
  • 100+ Cryptocurrencies
  • 20 FOREX Exchanges
  • 80 Country Exchanges


  • 250+ Themes
  • Cryptocurrency, Companies, Exchanges
  • + BYO Themes
  • COVID-19
  • Credit Risk
  • M&A
  • Macro-Economic
  • Speculation
  • ESG Factors

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Sentiment Scores for Risk Events by Company

Monitor Credit, Liquidity, Lending Risk in Commercial Banking

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Using the Accern NoCodeNLP solution meant that we did not have to invest years and millions of dollars to create a taxonomy of over 10 million keywords related to companies, people, places, events and more.

Data Scientist, Commercial Bank

Reduce Credit Risk and Optimize Lending Decisions
with the Accern NoCodeNLP Platform

Improve Your Ability to Compete!


No Code


No procuring data sources


No building taxonomies


No training NLP models


No complexity


BYO & customize workflows

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