Next Alpha, a leading hedge fund, built an automated and proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) trading system, called the Next Alpha Cloud Platform, over a period of six years to inform and perform trades for traders, professionals, and hedge funds.

The fund and its Next Alpha Cloud Platform trades Options, Currencies, Commodities, Futures, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and Cryptocurrencies through regulated exchanges and brokerages.


Like many companies, Next Alpha needed to validate its AI trading system, the Next Alpha Cloud Platform. Validating accuracy, recency, resilience, and authority are key ingredients in trusting AI to automate financial applications. Ensuring that your solution is valid and works as intended is critical when building an AI tool to inform and perform trading.

Validation cannot be underestimated. It’s critical to ensure your AI can be trusted – that it does what it’s intending to do.

Kanen Flowers, CIO and CEO, Next Alpha

The Solution

The Accern NoCodeNLP Platform with its adaptive machine learning provided constant input to the Next Alpha Cloud Platform. The Accern platform acted as a powerful litmus test and provided signal validation by analyzing sentiment about a particular piece of data, and matching it with the Next Alpha signals. This sentiment validation enabled the Next Alpha Cloud Platform to make better informed trading decisions.

The Results

With the validation provided by the Accern NoCodeNLP Platform, Next Alpha was able to double its investments and increase productivity. In 2019, the company brought a 42 percent return to investors and is now one of the best performing hedge funds in the world.

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