Accern – a leading provider of predictive news analytics solutions, which extracts actionable insights from billions of public news websites and blogs on multiple asset classes (equities, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and forex), has partnered with TrueRisk Labs, an innovative provider of flexible and robust machine-learning algorithms. Together, they have launched a new dataset and built – Trident – an optimized portfolio utilizing their proprietary Accern-TRL dataset and TrueRisk Labs’ portfolio construction AI.

The dataset includes easily actionable daily price and volatility forecasts and a monthly rebalanced long/short offering based on S&P 500 stocks. Both are available through Accern and TrueRisk Labs APIs.

“We have seen tremendous value in TrueRisk Labs AI-Portfolio Construction software, and we are extremely excited to partner with them to develop news-driven AI portfolios for asset managers globally,” says Kumesh Aroomoogan, Co-founder and CEO of Accern. “In the era of big data, it’s difficult to keep up with every movement of information and how it can affect your portfolio companies. Combining our predictive news data along with TrueRisk Labs AI-Portfolio construction software, we can help asset managers automatically mitigate portfolio risks and generate alpha using machine-learning.”

“We focused on going beyond generic sentiment analysis to develop a data set with concrete, actionable insights – something that helps you set-up a trade intelligently by knowing the target price and the downside risk in the trade,” says Ritabrata Bhattacharyya, Co Founder and Chief Quant of TrueRisk Labs. “The Trident data-set achieves that goal and is leveraged by deep-learning methods of portfolio generation to create the truly diversified Trident portfolio.”

The Accern-TRL dataset and Trident portfolio are created by leveraging predictive news, sentiment, fundamental, and quantitative metrics with advanced machine-learning algorithms. These independently calculated metrics often agree and provide investors with opportunities for increased alpha through greater degrees of accuracy in predicting stock price and volatility. The combination is a powerful tool for asset managers looking to confirm their internally generated investment ideas, or to find new ideas. The deep-learning AI is focused on finding non-linear patterns between the accumulated data and constantly adapts and improves in response to performance and changing market conditions.

“Choosing Accern for these products was a natural fit. They are experts in analyzing sentiment and extracting alpha from alternative data sources. The Trident dataset is a perfect combination of qualitative data and the quantitative trading signals our systems were built to generate.”

David Wilson, Co-founder and CEO of TrueRisk Labs

About Accern

The Accern NoCodeNLP Platform empowers domain experts and business analysts to extract the most accurate insights from massive streams of unstructured data—news, social media, industry reports and internal documents—within minutes. Accern offers pre-built AI/ML/NLP solutions to minimize time to value and maximize ROI for equity research, credit risk, M&A activity, ESG performance, insurance claims, fraud prevention, sanctions monitoring and more.

Recognized as the first NoCode NLP platform and industry leader with the highest accuracy scores, Accern also enables data scientists to customize end-to-end AI/ML/NLP workflows with BYO datasets, taxonomies, models and pre-integrated dashboards and DSML platforms. In production at companies like Allianz, William Blair and Mizuho Bank, Accern accelerates innovation by enhancing existing models and enriching BI dashboards.

Headquartered in New York City, Accern is backed by Fusion Fund, Mighty Capital, Shasta Ventures and Tribe Capital. Learn more at

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