NLP for Asset Managers

Fuel Investment Decisions with fast and accurate insights from text data

Hedge Funds

Private Equity

Venture Capital

Corporate Finance

Leverage accurate insights to fuel timely investment decisions,
get early warning signals, and enhance predictive models
with the Accern NoCodeNLP Platform.

Extract fast and
accurate insights from vast amount
of text data

Stay ahead of the
rapidly changing

Automate workflows
so analysts can focus
on more complex

Optimize Equity Investment Decisions

  • Create proprietary insights, identify deal flow, untapped investment opportunities by connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated concepts
  • Uncover risk by monitoring financial performance, market dynamics, M&A and more

Automate Monitoring of Entire Portfolio

Track top and long tail positions potentially impacted by natural disasters, political unrest, macro-economic issues, shifting sentiment, supply chains…

Track Regulatory Requirements

Analyze public / private company compliance documents and ecosystem communications to assess risks and opportunities created by rapid regulatory changes

Monitor Volatile Cryptocurrency Markets

  • Understand new alternatives entering market
  • Measure sentiment around crypto
  • Understand trading around the globe

Gain Independent ESG Insights & Risk Signals

Distinguish between sustainability credentials and commitments made in formal disclosures versus green-washing and actual ESG posture

M&A Intelligence

  • Spot M&A opportunities
  • Use alternative data for due diligence
  • Monitor acquisition targets for risks that may impact the deal

Track Signals & Sentiment about
Companies, Commodities, Currencies…


  • 20,000 U.S. Equities
  • 30,000 International Equities
  • 65 Commodities
  • 100+ Cryptocurrencies
  • 20 FOREX currencies
  • 80 Country Exchanges

Data Sources

  • Public News & Blogs
  • Subscription Sources
  • Dow Jones News
  • Analyst Ratings
  • Factset / Earnings Call
  • Transcripts
  • Moody’s NewsEdge
  • Morningstar
  • MSCI / ESG Ratings
  • Your Source


  • 250+ Themes
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Companies
  • Exchanges
  • ESG Issues
  • COVID-19
  • Credit Risk
  • M&A
  • Macro-Economic
  • Speculation

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Continuously monitor signals and sentiment for your investment portfolio with the Accern NoCodeNLP Platform.

Fuel Investment Portfolio ROI with
Fast & Accurate Insights from Text Data

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Accern AI automates our investment research and is our secret weapon, our competitive advantage. Our Mergers & Acquisitions group has been very happy with the fast and accurate market signals and timely insights, and huge reduction in their manual research.

Investment Research Manager, Global Investment Fund

Drive Investment Decisions with Accern NoCodeNLP

Supercharge Your Portfolio Performance.


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No procuring data sources


No building taxonomies


No training NLP models


No complexity


BYO & customize workflows

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