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Accern empowers people with the right knowledge
and the best insights so they can understand the world
more fully and change it for the better.

No Code. No Complexity. NLP.

The Accern NoCodeNLP Platform™ was built so that people with no technical background – citizen data scientists – could be free to explore, discover, innovate and make impact by extracting insights from unstructured text data.

Recognized as the first No-Code NLP Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Accern today is the industry leader with the highest accuracy scores.

Accern also enables data scientists to customize end-to-end workflows to enhance existing models and enrich BI dashboards. This minimizes time to value and maximizes ROI by blending in-house investments with Accern’s pre-built AI/ML/NLP solutions.

Data teams from some of the world’s leading financial services companies are using the Accern NoCodeNLP Platform to advance their AI/ML/NLP initiatives.


“Leading NoCode NLP Platform”

“AI Breakthroughs”

“Multi-Level, Multi-
Language NLP”

Top No-Code Startup

AI & Data Science

Top 10 AI Software

O’Reilly and Intel AI

InsurTech 100

FinTech Global

Best Data Analysis

Benzinga FinTech Awards

2020 Top 10 Coolest AI Startups


Top Text Parser


The Story of Accern

 Accern founders had been working on extracting insights from unstructured text – news, social media and blogs data during and after their PhDs in Data Science. They then began working with some of the most innovative hedge funds on Wall Street and looking at research analyst reports, 10Ks, 10Qs, earnings transcripts as well as internal data such as emails, text messages, meeting notes, and more. 

By expanding the breadth of data coverage that their models could accurately process, the company was now able to offer customers a no-code NLP platform which could be used to solve a wide variety of problems and integrate more data more directly into the customer’s investment, insurance, banking, or strategic decision making processes.

Today the Accern NoCodeNLP Platform™ empowers citizen data scientists (less technical users) to build and deploy AI / ML / NLP solutions at scale without writing a single line of code.

The platform also allows data teams to break silos, accelerate innovation and power workflows for multiple business units using NLP. In addition to using pre-built workflows, data teams can mix and match elements to customize workflows and export results instantly to dashboards, data warehouses, DSML platforms and more.

Leadership Team

Kumesh Aroomoogan


Dr. Anshul V. Pandey


Vincent Horovitz


Dr. Cristian Felix


Board of Directors

Lu Zhang


Jennifer Vancini


Kumesh Aroomoogan


Dr. Anshul V. Pandey



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