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80% of data is unstructured text and contains valuable insights.

Tap into this data to reduce risk and maximize performance.

Current Options for Processing
Unstructured Text are Inefficient

Generic text analytics
feeds are too noisy

Generic DSML platforms have
low accuracy / F1 scores

Point solutions
cannot be customized

Building accurate NLP Models
is Difficult & Expensive

12-24 months to deploy

$600K – $1.2M to build

85% fail to deliver value

Extracting fast,
accurate &
valuable insights
from unstructured
text data requires…

Difficult-to-Source Labeled Training Data

  • No open source data sets
  • Limited text annotation tools or manual labeling
  • Context specific taxonomies

Expensive Cloud

  • NLP with Deep Learning
  • Realtime, continuous model updates and re-training

Scarce Data Science

  • Demand growing by 3x year over year
  • 3x shortage in availability of data scientists

Doing Nothing is Not an Option.

There is a race to leverage AI / ML / NLP

Citizen Data Scientists

  • Make Better Decisions
  • Reduce Risk
  • Spot Opportunities

Data Science Teams

  • Improve Operational Efficiencies
  • Optimize Workflows
  • Uncover Insights

Track Entities & Events

Identify sustainable investments, source deals, monitor
suppliers, customers, competitors… Assess and monitor risks –
portfolio risk, credit risk, lending risk, underwriting risk…


  • SEC Filings
  • Analyst Commentary
  • ESG Signals
  • M&A / Partnerships
  • Earnings Call Transcripts
  • Global Events
  • Regulatory / Compliance
  • Rumors & Speculation

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Capture insights from internal documents to improve investment,
underwriting, claims decisions… Uncover customer sentiment,
reduce call center costs, identify new products…


  • Structure Unstructured Data
  • Score Sentiment
  • Augment BI Dashboards
  • Classify Documents
  • Enhance Existing AI Models
  • Enrich Products / Enterprise Apps

Accern NoCodeNLP Platform


Pre-assemble Data Sources


Pre-built Taxonomies


Pre-trained NLP Models


Pre-integrated Dashboards

Fast Time-to-Value

No Code. No Complexity. NLP.

Why Accern?

Industry-Leading Accuracy for Financial Services


No Code

No procuring data sources
No building taxonomies
No training NLP models
No complexity
BYO & customize workflows

Simply click to select pre-assembled data sources and pre-built
taxonomies, deploy pre-trained models and view accurate insights.
Feel free to BYO data, tune taxonomies and re-train models
to optimize your use case and workflows.

What Customers Say

It takes a data scientist, data engineer and developer 6 months – or 4000 hours – to build and deploy a single AI use case for our business clients, but with Accern, it took us just 40 hours.

Head of Data Science,

Major US Bank

Using Accern meant that we did not have to invest years and millions of dollars to create a taxonomy of over 10 million keywords related to companies, people, places, events and more.

Head of Research,

Hedge Fund

Our team of 25 credit research analysts went from monitoring 125 tickers total to scaling to 3,000 tickers with the Accern NoCodeNLP platform.

Head of Credit Research,

Credit Rating Agency

Extract Fast and Easy Insights
from Unstructured Data